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Х Location

The M. V. Frunze Health Center
The health canter is situated at the seaside in the most vantage place of the city:

- 5 km to the Railway station
- 25 km to the Airport
- 4 km to the Sea port
- 10 km to the Matsesta hydropathic

You can get to the health center by city buses to the "Stadium" bus stop. And to the "Zolotoy Kolos" bus stop if you are going from Adler, Khosta or Matsesta direction.

Very close, within a walking distance from the health center are located:

- the "Dendrarium" park
- the "Friendship Tree" garden-museum
- the Circus
- the Central Stadium
- Yachting center

It will take you 2-4 bus stops to get to:
- Shopping malls
- the "Festivalniy" concert hall
- the "Lunapark" children entertainment park
- Art museum
- the "Winter Theater"

The health center territory of 6.5 hectares locates:
- 2 residential buildings
- club building
- medical department
- dining hall
- fresh water swimming pool (open from October 20 till June 1)
- sports center
- 350 meters long seafront and equipped beach
- arboretum park

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