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Х History

The health center was founded on the grounds of several nationalized private summer houses.

On July 15, 1922 the Sochi city resort administration started the health center and named it after M. V. Frunze in the territory of those summer houses. It welcomed for holidays and treatment the first seventy holiday makers. The first guests were Communist party leaders and former hard labor convicts. The health center belonged to the trust "Sochi-Matsesta resort".

In times of the Second World War there were based the hospital # 2117 (August 1941-August 1942) and hospital #3213 (June 1943 - June 1945) in the health center territory. It was turned back into the health center in June 1945.

The further on reorganizing and replacements under the command were carried out within Sochi health and recreation centers group, the Central Committee of the Communist party Administration. In December 1972 the health center body was awarded for reaching the highest results in all the Soviet Union competition and in the commemoration of the 50 years anniversary of forming the USSR the health center body was granted the jubilee honor award. By the Order of the USSR Supreme Soviet dated June 15 1982 the M. V. Frunze health center was awarded with the Friendship of Nations Order for the successful holidays and treatment arrangements on the day of its 60 years old establishment.

At all times the health center was a holiday and recreation place for Soviet party officials and the USSR large enterprises' leaders, for foreign delegates of communist and labor parties from different countries. The M. V. Frunze health center was traditionally the place of recreation for Soviet spacemen detachment. Among the guests of the health center can be mentioned Fedor Shalyapin, Yuriy Gagarin, Lui Korvalan...

From 1992 the health center has been an Open Joint Stock Company.

Our doors are open for everyone and the health center staff is as always hospitable, attentive and traditionally courteous to our holidaymakers!


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