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• Fitness

The M. V. Frunze Health Center offers you all kinds of fitness types and all the sports club programs. The fitness club instructors of Master Plus categories will represent you all trends of sports and dance classes. They are the latest achievements of WORLD CLASS and "Fitness Planet".

During aqua-fitness classes you can experience intensive and safe physical exercises in water. Exercising in the swimming pool you will improve your cardiovascular system, reduce percentage of fat, reinforce your ligaments and just lift your spirits up.

Our classes take place in the well equipped gymnastics hall and are represented as various sports and dance programs (step-aerobics, tai-bo, power, Pilates, Matwork, Fitball, Hip-Hop, Oriental, Latino and MTV. Fitness allows you to feel more at ease, to gain self confidence and to be aware of modern dances latest trends. Our instructors work either individually or in groups representing their author's programs.


Dance programs (Belly Dance)

What wouldn't a woman do to stay young and attractive! Arab dances possess special magic. There are around fifty kinds of Arab dances. We offer you Turkish, Arab schools and Egyptian step. Our specialists are convinced that if you have never tried belly dance you should definitely try it! Dancing changes a woman and makes her feel more at ease. Belly dance reinforces abdomen muscles, makes your body more flexible and your skin more elastic. Eurhythmics, shaking, snake movements make stomach ligaments and muscles more flexible. In the course of exercising you can loose weight and what's more important get rid of hidden problems: chest stiffness and suppressed condition of the lower part of your body.

An old oriental wisdom:
"A man came to a Wiseman and said: "Wiseman, please, teach me to distinguish truth from lies, beauty from ugliness and teach to feel joy of life" The Wiseman thought this over and taught the man to dance".

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